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Hot tubs: hydrotherapy and other hidden health benefits

Hot tubs are incredibly relaxing, but aside from helping us to chill out, they also provide a wealth of health benefits you may not have realised.

Better sleep

The feelings of calm that a hot tub evokes can put you in the right frame of mind for restful slumber. The warm sensation of a hot tub also increases your body temperature, which makes it easier to fall asleep, particularly if you soak your cares away in a tub prior to bedtime.

Reduction of pain

If you suffer from physical aches and pains, such as arthritis, it can be hard to find ways to alleviate symptoms, without being reliant on medication. The beauty of a hot tub is that the jets of water can gently massage problem areas of the body, offering vital pain relief. The buoyancy of the water, the massage effect and the heat of the water can allow muscles to relax and can reduce the inflammation that contributes to pain. If you want a hot tub specifically to help ease painful symptoms from conditions such as arthritis, speak to a reputable hot tub company, to ensure you get the right product to suit your needs.

Some studies have also shown that regularly using a hot tub can help to ease symptoms of headaches and migraines, especially those related to tension or the sinuses.

Lower levels of stress

The relaxing effect of a hot tub can help to calm a frazzled mind, helping to lower levels of stress and anxiety. It is hard to feel stressed and anxious when your body is enveloped in warm, soothing water.

Reduced blood pressure

Hot tubs in the UK can also help users to lower their blood pressure. This works in two ways. Firstly, when you are feeling relaxed, this can help to lower your heart rate and, therefore, blood pressure. Secondly, the heat of the water improves blood flow in the body and cell revitalisation, which causes cells to dilate, reducing resistance against the heart and reducing your blood pressure.

Lower blood sugar

Research studies have shown that those who use a hot tub for around half an hour each day may experience a drop in blood sugar levels, making it a potentially useful option for anyone suffering from type 2 diabetes. It is not completely certain how this works, but it is possible that the hot tub temperature may simulate some of the same effects of taking physical exercise, which has been shown to be an effective treatment for those suffering from this form of diabetes. Of course, anyone with diabetes should seek medical advice before going out and buying or using a hot tub.

Better looking skin

The gentle massage effect of the water in a hot tub can increase the blood flow in your skin, helping to improve its appearance. Warm water also helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking brighter, fresher and firmer. Using a hot tub regularly could, therefore, give your skin a more youthful appearance.

Hot tubs in the UK: increasingly popular but which do you choose?

Hot tubs offer a vast array of benefits, from simple stress relief and relaxation to a range of health boosts. They can help you sleep and ease everything from headaches and general aches to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Even if you’re sure that you want to make the most of these numerous benefits, however, there are factors to consider when it comes to choosing your purchase from a hot tub company.


The size of the hot tub you choose is really important and will depend on the area you have available and the number of people you want to be able to seat. Don’t forget that you’ll need space around the outside to get in and out, and remember that your tub is not supposed to be a substitute for a swimming pool.

Think about the needs of yourself and your family, rather than huge groups of family and friends, unless you’re sure you have the space to accommodate a larger model. Don’t be afraid to make your hot tub a private space if you like, although there is also plenty of scope for creating much more sociable areas in larger gardens and outside spaces.

If in doubt, go for a model that is slightly larger than you think you need, rather than one that is smaller, and think about future needs, if your family is likely to increase in size, for example. Remember that the size will also influence the number of jets that your hot tub has.


Your budget will obviously influence your choice of hot tub. As a general rule of thumb, it is always best to consider options more expensive than those at the very bottom of the range, if you’re looking at a long-term investment. Super-cheap online offers can seem like a good idea, for example, but you could be left searching for obscure replacement parts which you may find very difficult to get hold of.

Quality models are likely to need less maintenance and repair, saving you money in the long-run and leaving you free to enjoy all the pleasure and health benefits that your hot tub can bring.

You also need to factor in the cost of running your hot tub if budget is an issue, ensuring that you are prepared for a slight increase in your electricity bills if you keep it running all the time.


Before committing to buying your hot tub, it is important to remember that you will have to invest some time in caring for it and the water, in order to prevent problems. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but continually paying attention to water balancing will prevent you from having to spend more time and effort, not to mention money, on chemicals, to put things right if you allow them to go wrong. Simple things like pulling back the cover to allow your hot tub to breath regularly and preventing it from freezing, will all save you time and money in the end.