Ultimate Water Management System

The Ultimate Water Management System sets L.A. Spas apart as the industry leader in efficient water management. Silently, the Ultimate Water Management System maintains crystal clear water at all temperatures 24-hours a day. The Ultimate Water Management System combines our state-of-the-art ozone mixing system and patented Aqua Klean® filtration, leaving your water sparkling clean, fresh, and pure.
The Ultimate Circulation Pump

The Ultimate Circulation Pump is virtually silent and only requires a fraction of the wattage of traditional circulation pumps. Developed for efficiency, the ultimate circulation pump is one of the most economical pumps in the industry. Energy used to power the pump is transferred into heat as it circulates the water. This design provides additional heat for your spa, allowing your heater to work less, saving you money everyday!

The Ultimate Mixing Chamber

The Ultimate Mixing Chamber is essential to the L.A. Spas Water Management System.  Our exclusive design maximises the ozone’s effectiveness, increasing the contact ratio between ozone and water by dispersing the ozone into millions of tiny bubbles, thereby optimising water purification. Working in conjunction with our proprietary Aqua Klean® Filters, your spa’s chemical consumption is greatly reduced, with virtually no off-gas effects.

The Ultimate Heater

The Ultimate Heater allows water to pass through at maximum speed while transferring all the heat efficiently to your spa.  This design minimises mineral deposits from forming on the heater element. The Ultimate Heater has the ability to automatically adjust the power and energy that is required. When the jet pumps are turned on, the “smart” logic in the heater will determine the available electric current, and adjust the power accordingly.