Quality – Engineered To Last Longer

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Built in the U.S.A. since 1976 by a skilled and dedicated manufacturing and design team, our spas are backed by over 39 years of experience. We have developed a number of proprietary components and design elements establishing L.A. Spas as an industry leader and maker of premium products.

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We at L.A. Spas have worked to produce a hot tub that’s beautiful inside and out. Our design team’s attention to detail ensures the curves and corners of our spas are both elegant and ergonomically sound. We use only the finest cast acrylic surfaces, proven to retain their luster and beauty over time. Our unique cabinet-saver waterfall lip is designed to force splashing water away from the spa, protecting the finish of the cabinet. Your spa will remain a beautiful addition to any setting and an oasis for family and friends for many years to come.

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The polybond construction method employed by L.A. Spas uses a triple-layer composite of a cast acrylic surface, strengthened by vinylester and polyester resin laminates. Bonding these elements together creates a super-tough, durable interior spa shell. This is cradled by a heavy-duty sub-frame, built with moisture-resistant, pressure treated lumber to provide long-term structural support. L.A. Spas integrates an ABS sealed bottom pan to provide a vapor barrier and superior heat retention. Every hot tub we build undergoes an extensive quality control process before it ever leaves the factory.

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The L.A. Spas three part insulation system is the ultimate in sound and heat energy management for your hot tub. The unique thermal barrier technology recycles radiant heat energy for faster, more efficient heating and energy cost reductions. Antarctic Foil Lining is applied to the sealed ABS base, which prohibits heat loss through the floor. All four sides, plus the floor are lined with reflective material, combined with eco-friendly recycled insulation to create an infrared thermal barrier. Radiant heat energy from the pumps and equipment reflects back to the spa and is absorbed into the plumbing. This helps raise and maintain water temperature, improving heat efficiency. Energy created by the spa stays in the spa.