Aqua Klean® Filtration System

The patented Aqua Klean® filter which is standard on every L.A. Spas hot tub, allows the water to flow through with less restrictions, providing up to an incredible 150 gallons per minute flow rate. Unlike conventional filters, which typically use a bypass system to achieve the same amount of flow, the maximum flow design of the Aqua Klean® filter allows the Ultimate Water Management System* to filter 100% of the water through the filter for maximum natural purity.

*NOTE: The Ultimate Water Management System is only available on Premium Models.


The Aqua Klean® filter is the most innovative filtration system in the industry, and also the most economical filter on the market. The patented Aqua Klean® filter costs about half the amount of conventional filters. This cutting edge technology provides the most efficient and cost effective method to maximize water filtration.

Ease of maintenance

Unlike conventional cartridge filters with hard to clean pleats, maintaining the Aqua Klean® filter can be as simple as pushing a button. The Aqua Klean® filter is designed to be placed in your household washing machine, requiring just a ¼ cup of common household bleach to keep them as clean as they were new.