Premium Series - Oasis - 5-6 seats


Dimensions*83” x 83” x 36” (211cm x 211cm x 91cm)
Water Capacity360 US Gallons / 1,363 Litres
Filled Weight3,703 lbs (1,680 kg)
Dry Weight715 lbs (324 kg)
Electrics240 volt or 32 amp
Total Therapy Jets32 - 60
Therapy Pumps2 x 1-sp 3.4 MBHP (2.0 hp continuous) / 1** x 1-sp 5.0 MBHP (3.0 hp continuous) / 2** x 1-sp 5.0 MBHP (3.0 hp continuous)
Jet Selector Valves2 - 3
Spa Light1
Thermoplus Deluxe CabinetMocha, Grey, Teak
Ultimate Water Management SystemAqua Klean® Filtration, energy efficient 24-hour circulation pump, CD ozone with Mazzei injector, exclusive ozone mixing chamber
Cold Weather PackageTherm-Rite® 5” Locking Safety Cover, Antarctic foil lining, Eco-Friendly recycled insulation, ABS sealed bottom pan

Customise your spa by selecting from the following colour options:

*Not all colours available for In-Fit swim spa, Paradise H2 and Madeira. See dealer for details.

All L.A. Spas premium spas and swim spas come standard with ThermoPlus® cabinetry, available in three rich wood tones. ThermoPlus® is a maintenance-free wood alternative proven to resist fading and staining and retain a beautiful finish for many years.


Ultimate Water Management System
Ultimate 24 hour circulation pump
Ultimate mixing chamber with CD ozone
Ultimate smart heater
Aqua Klean® filtration

Cold Weather Package
Therm-Rite® insulating 5″ cover
Antarctic foil lining
Eco-Friendly recycled insulation
ABS sealed bottom pan

Luxury Package
Ultimate water 4 FX fountains
Dynamic LED lighting including main light, water FX, control valves
Stainless steel jet accents

Bluetooth/MP3 Stereo System

Note: Product models, features, sizes, and options are subject to change without prior notice. See dealer for current specifications.


** When air blower option is selected, one 5.0 MBHP (3.0 hp cont.) pump will be downgraded to a 3.4 MBHP (2.0 hp cont.) pump.