L.A. Spas has led the industry in hot tub design, manufacturing and innovation since 1976. Whether it’s a daily soak in the most ergonomic lounger on the market, or a cozy evening with family under the stars, you’ll love your L.A. Spas hot tub.
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Hydrotherapy is not only essential to inducing relaxation, it is also vital to your health. When the body is immersed in water, it becomes buoyant; this relieves 90% of the pressure gravity places on the joints in the human body.
Why LA Spas?
Whether you are the adventurer in need of some hydrotherapy, the driven, hard working individual who wants to escape, or just want to enjoy the company of others; the L.A. Spas hot tub you choose is built to showcase your individual style.



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I have owned and absolutely loved my H.E.E.T tub for a year now. I enjoy how in every seat you will get a different massage. I love the control of the pumps, so if it is just the two of us we don’t need to have everything run, and I had all the power I could want wherever I sat. This past winter was most enjoyable in the tub. The energy consumption of this tub was very minimal.